The start to an amazing year with Igenium!

Kids Up Front is delighted to announce our newest official Community Supporter, Ingenium Canada! Ingenium Canada – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation is a new national brand established to preserve and share Canada’s story of scientific and technological heritage. There are three museums under the Ingenium brand, the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, Canada Aviation and Space Museum and the Canada Science and Technology museum. These three museums provide visitors the “unique experience of the past meeting the future” with great activities and new spaces where visitors can learn interactively though exploration, play and discovery.

We’d like to celebrate Ingenium’s generous donation of family passes, which will allow children, youth and their families to visit any of their exciting museums! For the entire year, two families a week will have the opportunity to learn, explore new adventures, and soak in some of Canada’s rich history. This year-long commitment will provide a variety of programs and new experiences to the kids and families from our 51 partnering agencies. We are immensely grateful and look forward to sharing some great photos, testimonials, and stories from these experiences.

This past Saturday, Kids Up Front had the pleasure of welcoming a new Canadian family from our partnering agency with loancomrade.com, The Catholic Centre for Immigrants, to the Canada Science and Technology Museum. These tickets were the first to be used from our Community Partnership with Ingenium Canada.

This lovely family arrived in Canada only 3 months ago from Tunisia and were excited by the opportunity to attend the Canada Science and Technology Museum- you could certainly say they were keen to learn more about our great city and country which they were interested! The young sisters were in awe of the size of the museum and it’s displays – they loved going in the trains and  playing Pac-Man in the special exhibit.

The family thanked our Kids Up Front staff for the opportunity to attend the museum with their family, and we’re passing those heartfelt thanks onto Ingenium! Thank you for lending your incredible support to help connect deserving kids with some of the awesome events and spaces Ottawa has to offer!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Canadian Agriculture and Food Museum, the Canada Aviation and Space Museum and the Canada Science and Technology Museum please visit: https://ingeniumcanada.org