Agency Spotlight – Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB)

About Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB)

The Ottawa Catholic School Board is one of four major school boards in Ottawa. With 85 schools across the city, the OCSB covers an area of approximately 2,900 square kilometres in Eastern Ontario. Their schools comprise over 42,000 full time students.

The Ottawa Catholic School Board has been recognized nationally for their commitment to innovation, collaboration, and creativity. They are guided by a strategic commitment to encourage their students to be community, be well and be innovative. Students and staff are also encouraged to abide by the board’s spiritual theme to “Seek justice, love kindness & mercy, walk humbly with God”.

Kids Up Front’s Impact

Kids Up Front recently received approval to partner with schools in the OCSB. This is a huge milestone for us, as we continue to expand our network of Partner Agencies. We now partner with 100 child-serving agencies, and are excited to continue growing our reach within Ottawa.

Specifically, we’re looking forward to partnering with schools in the OCSB. On November 28th we will be hosting a new agency orientation session, where we will welcome 5 schools to our program. We’re excited to support the great work being accomplished by the school board and provide opportunities for their deserving students.

If you know an OCSB school that could benefit from the Kids Up Front program, ask them to contact [email protected]. We look forward to partnering with them!

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