Agency Spotlight – The Waupoos Foundation

About The Waupoos Foundation

The Waupoos Foundation was created in 1975 by Fr. Fred Magee of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate. Together with volunteers, the Oblate family farm on Waupoos Island was transformed into a vacation destination for low-income families.

In 1980, the foundation decided to relocate closer to Ottawa, to remain more accessible for families. In 1982, Waupoos Family Farm opened on Rideau Road in Ottawa. This location remains the home of the Family Farm today.

Waupoos Family Farm endeavours to provide a respite from the pressure of daily life to low-income families. By establishing community connections, it helps ease feelings of social isolation for families at risk of poverty. Through a family camp experience, the farm provides a safe and welcoming environment, where visitors find rest, fellowship, and hope.

Waupoos Island, named with the Ojibway word for rabbit, was so named because of its rabbit-like shape. Following the move, the foundation and family farm have maintained this traditional name. Since its first opening, Waupoos family farm has offered a vacation destination to over 25,000 people from 7,000 families.

Kids Up Front’s Impact

An infographic shows 242 ticket distributions to Waupoos Family Farm totalling $10,135.

Kids Up Front partnered with The Waupoos Foundation in April 2017. Since that time, we have provided their program 242 tickets, with a face value of $10,135.04. We’ve been happy to offer families tickets to both the Ottawa Senators and Ottawa 67’s, soccer games and many fantastic museums in Ottawa.

Waupoos Family Farm administrator Cathy Philpott said the following about the tickets received from Kids Up Front:
“These opportunities allow participants in our program to further connect with their families and their community. The experiences provided by Kids Up Front offer our families opportunities to attend events they could only dream about.

We’re proud to be partnered with The Waupoos Foundation, who share our passion for fostering connections to reduce social isolation.

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