Agency Spotlight – Gloucester Recreation Development Organization (GRDO)

About Gloucester Recreation Development Organization (GRDO)

Evolving from a 1993 pilot project, GRDO delivers affordable and accessible recreational sports programs in neighbourhoods around Gloucester. Launched by a grant from the Ministry of Citizenship, GRDO incorporated 3 years later, in 1996. Since then, they have continued to expand their operations, serving more youth in additional neighbourhoods.

Their programs serve youth aged 4 to 14 who may face financial, cultural, or social barriers to such opportunities. Their sports programs offer a safe and comfortable environment for kids to get a first taste of sports and activities they may not have tried before. GRDO also offers a Youth-Leaders-In-Training program for youth aged 14-18.

They have volunteer opportunities for community members, students, and youth leaders. Volunteers receive mentorship and guidance to help set them on a healthy, safe and productive path of personal success.

GRDO’s values are paramount to their operations. Values such as inclusiveness, accessibility, respect, sportsmanship and leadership guide their mission of providing low cost skill building sports programs to those facing financial, cultural, or social barriers.

Kids Up Front’s Impact

An infographic shows ticket distributions from Kids Up Front to GRDO. 62 tickets have been distributed worth 2,215

Kids Up Front partnered with Gloucester Recreation Development Organization in July 2019. Over that short time, we have provided their program with 62 tickets worth $2,215.

We’ve been pleased to compliment GRDO’s programming by providing their athletes access to professional sporting events. We’ve supported recipients with tickets to hockey, football, baseball and soccer matches.

GRDO Director of Operations Sarmad Al-Biladi said of our partnership:
“We’re very grateful for the program support provided by Kids Up Front. Our young athletes have been able to further strengthen their community connections and identify positive role models by attending professional sports matches across Ottawa.”

We look forward to continuing our relationship with GRDO and supporting Ottawa’s future athletes!

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