Agency Spotlight – Banff Avenue Community House (BACH)

About Banff Avenue Community House

Banff Avenue Community House’s (BACH) mission is to provide a safe place where families, children and youth can access supportive programs and opportunities to strengthen their community. They envision a community where every person has opportunities to achieve personal success.

BACH leaders work closely with community members to identify program priorities, and develop solutions to best serve their community members. BACH proudly works alongside residents, leaders, and partners for a better tomorrow.

Current focus areas of the organization include food security, children and youth, adult drop ins, neighbourhood opportunities and post secondary bursaries. BACH’s primary focus is on delivering capacity-building, community based programs in a safe and supportive environment.

Kids Up Front’s Impact

An infographic shows ticket distributions from Kids Up Front to Banff Avenue Community House (BACH) totalling 297 tickets worth $9,100.

We partnered with Banff Avenue Community House in January 2018. Since that time, we have provided their program 297 tickets worth $9,100.

We’re happy to support BACH’s mission of raising thriving kids and youth. We share their belief that children and youth must be socially connected to thrive. The ticket opportunities we provide allow recipients to connect with one another and the broader Ottawa community.

Ticket opportunities provided to BACH include sports matches, A Conversation with Michelle Obama, museum passes and more! In the summer of 2018, we were thrilled to support their Banff Avenue Youth Council with front row seats to the Ottawa Redblacks – directly at field level.

Senior Child and Youth Worker Charlotte Locke said the following of our partnership:
“Receiving tickets from Kids Up Front has helped to reduce social isolation for many of our community members, as they have been able to take part in events that they would otherwise be unable to afford due to ticket costs. Children, youth and their families have been able to attend events together as a community, which has helped to build more positive relationships in the neighbourhood.”

We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with BACH and building more positive relationships in the community!

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