Added Value Experiences*

Our Goal

Locally, Edmonton has a goal of 30,000 tickets of which 19,638 has been distributed.

Tickets raised:

With it’s beginning in 2018, our Added Value Experiences program is young but very exciting. It began with something we call Football 101 which is an experience available exclusively through Kids Up Front Edmonton. We teamed up with the Edmonton Eskimos and organized a training session for the kids attending a game that happens 2 hours before the game with two Eskimos alumni. The players teach the kids the rules of the game to enrich the experience of the game for the kids; they actually know what is going on! The kids also receive a voucher for a pop and popcorn to snack on during the game.

The Winspear is another exciting partner of this program. With their help, we are able to send kids to see the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra with a couple added bonuses; a back stage tour and a meeting with the conductor!

In addition to the Eskimos’ football games, there is also enhanced experiences for FC Edmonton games, Edmonton Stingers games, and even the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra! With our Added Value Experiences program, we strive to add a little magic to donated tickets.


Thank you so much for offering us the tickets to have this wonderful experience of Canadian Music Show.

It was so fun and so interesting for us as an immigrant family. We felt well connected with local culture and felt the passion that performers showed. Really amazing experience!

Leila, Ticket Recipient

We came from Mexico 3 years ago and we have never been to a Senators game before. For my kids it was a BIG surprise and joy. We were able to spend family time and have fun. We felt belonging to the Ottawa crowd and were proud to see the Senators won the match.

Nery, Mom and Ticket Recipient

It was quite a joy to bring these young people to their first game. I will never forget it but to watch the happiness they all got to experience last night - it was one of the best moments of my life! We all appreciate what Kids Up Front is doing and hope to have future opportunities.

Michael, Agency Coordinator

How you can help

Donate Tickets

Do you want to give a child or youth an experience of a lifetime that they wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else? Donate your tickets today and let us do the rest!

Donate Money

If you wish to donate directly to this program, contact our office and let us know!